I connected with Jon from Alpha Resumes as I had an old Resume which required a full review along as my LinkedIn profile. My experience was very professional and positive. I valued the way Jon set out the process and what we would be able to achieve. The feedback from a number of HR Managers was that they found my Resume to be very professional, easy to read and set out all the relevant information. I have since secured a great position and are very thankful I engaged Alpha Resumes to ensure a great result. Thanks Jon!!!

Rob Sayer Avatar
Rob Sayer

Most wonderful experience having my resume put together on my behalf. Something I had been struggling with for years & dreaded the task.

Jon made it easy by articulating what I was trying to capture, & putting onto paper that I wasn’t able to do for years.

Jon worked with me & frame up all the relevant experience in such a simple format to read that wouldn’t bore the reader.

I would suggest if you were struggling with resume writing, & not getting the right result then I would highly recommend this service.

What price would you put on, a document that represents you and results in opening the right opportunities for your career.

Thank you Alpha Resumes.

Leonie Medic Avatar
Leonie Medic

I can't recommend Jon highly enough. He has a great talent for asking the right questions and listens to his clients to understand where they've come from and where they want to be. Since seeking Jon's advice and CV-writing services, and feeling much more confident about taking the next steps in my career, I have accepted an exciting new role. Thanks Jon!

Caroline Hardiman Avatar
Caroline Hardiman

Thanks so much Jon for providing our team with such a powerful workshop. We gained so much from your expertise and professional approach, which we will be able to use to better prepare all of the students we support as they begin their employment journey. You have a real passion for helping people from all walks of life and we cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing resources you have provided us as well! The personal service you provide really sets you apart.

Melinda Pepprell Avatar
Melinda Pepprell

Really happy with my new resume rewritten by Jon. The job was done in a timely and professional manner. As an international student, Jon is always being patient and friendly for my questions during the initial appointment, and then Jon answered all the enquired I have and clarify them to modify my draft resume, and help me perfect the final version. In the meantime, my new resume inspires me how to structure my preparation for job interview, which is bonus for customers. Also, I'd like to thank Jon for writing "hobbies" section on my resume, for which I am so impressed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jon & Alpha Resumes to my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much!

John Hu Avatar
John Hu

My experience with Jon can be summed up in one word: professionalism. Jon not only showed me a great commitment to help me writing either my resume and cover letter, but also he gave his best to stand out my professional skills. I could not be happier with the final design of my resume and cover letter.

If you are looking for a professional to help you writing your resume or cover letter do not hesitate rely on Jon to get this job done.

Thank you for your service Jon!


Alexis Garcia Avatar
Alexis Garcia

I can't thank Jon enough for writing such a professional/well worded resume and cover letter. Right from the beginning he showed a genuine interest, took the time to get to know me first and was a total pleasure to work with.
His knowledge, skills and attention to detail are second to none.
What I thought was going to be a daunting task was turned into an easy to understand, pleasurable and quick process.

His a ability to extract additional information from you via conversation about your achievements and qualifications etc, so as to create a professionaly worded document highlighting your strong points that any future employer would be impressed with, is a true talent that deserves recognition.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jon & Alpha Resumes to my family, friends and work colleagues.
Thank you so much.

Gary Sands Avatar
Gary Sands

Jon at Alpha Resumes is the bees knees when it comes to resumes! He’s very patient and understanding of your specific needs. The end result is a beautifully presented resume that you feel incredibly proud to present to potentials employers!
Thanks again 😊

Oliver de Blangy Avatar
Oliver de Blangy

I recently contacted Alpha Resumes for help making mine for when I graduate and I can not recommend them enough. The service Jon provided was absolutely fantastic and the end result I am beyond thrilled with. Jon did a fabulous job in making sure he had all the correct and relevant details and has made an outstanding resume. I highly recommend Alpha Resume's, as pure 10/10 as you can get absolutely fantastic 🙂

Cameron Godwin Avatar
Cameron Godwin

As someone fairy early in my career I was a bit hesitant at first about spending $400 to get a new resume, but Jon quickly put me at ease. We then arranged the face to face meeting where he went into lots of detail about my background including my employment, education, projects I had worked on and a lot of things I wouldn't have thought to include. He also gave me some advice around fixing my LinkedIn profile. Within a week I then had my new resume and it was well worth the cost. There is a reason he has such good reviews because his work is excellent, and what seemed like a lot of money to me at first was actually very good value for the service and product I got. So thanks Jon. I already got a few interviews set up in my first couple of weeks so I guess it is all up to me now.

Osman Kisa Avatar
Osman Kisa

Jon at Alpha Resumes was fantastic! It was refreshing to be able to meet in person and sit down and talk rather than trying to navigate this process via email only. Jon was very quick to respond and was extremely interactive and professional. His advice was first-class and the final product exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Alpha Resumes to anybody looking to step-up their career!

David INALL Avatar

This guy is a master of his trade!

Personalised meeting to discuss the direction I wanted to take, took the time to talk through all the highlights of my career and what I wanted to showcase .. then amazing wording / set out and fast turnaround of the resume itself.

Really helped me stand out from the crowd showing the transferable skills I always knew I had, but had had trouble previously highlighting this to prospective employees.


Suzanne Mielnik Avatar
Suzanne Mielnik