Video Interview Tips That Will Land You The Job

Video Interview Tips That Will Land You The Job

With everything moving online during the pandemic, it was inevitable that we would start attending job interviews online. However, some companies have gone a step further and are now conducting interviews without any interviewer at all!

In a recorded interview, you record yourself on video and answer questions that appear on the screen. There is no personal contact, and these are typically automated by platforms such as HireVue and many emerging others.

A recorded interview can feel like a video audition – probably because it is. It enables recruiters to learn more about you without a face-to-face interview. (Though an in-person interview will often follow.)

Here are some tips to help you ace a recorded job interview.

Note: This is different to a face-to-face online interview, which is more like a Zoom meeting with your interviewer or panel on the screen. Read our tips for online interviews.

What is a recorded interview?

When you apply for a job, the organisation or recruitment agency will send you an email with a link to an app that you’ll need to download. You can usually do this on a computer, phone or other device.

When the app opens up, you’ll get instructions and a practice question, so you can get used to talking to your camera before the real interview questions start.

When you’re ready, you just press ‘Start’ or ‘Record’ to go to the first question. You usually get a time limit for answering a question – perhaps two minutes – and this could make you feel stressed at first. But you’ll get better at judging your time as the interview goes on.

Preparing for a recorded interview

As strange as it seems, recorded interviews are real job interviews, so you should prepare like you would for a face-to-face meeting. Our article on online interviews contains many tips for getting ready, which also apply here.

You’ll be given a practice question to get used to the system, so definitely use this. Take all the time you need to get used to the buttons and the camera.

Some software packages even use AI (artificial intelligence) to assess your recording before a recruiter looks at it. It assesses things like body language, tone and certain words or phrases.

We don’t mean to stress you out by telling you this! Just be yourself and try to relax.

Tips for recorded interviews

  • Practise creating videos on your device before the interview if you don’t have experience talking to a camera.
  • Try to imagine you’re talking to a real person.
  • Don’t get distracted by how you look on the camera. Just be yourself.
  • Breathe and get calm before you press ‘Start’ or ‘Record’ for each question. You don’t have to go until you’re ready, so give yourself some space between the questions.
  • If you’d feel comfortable with someone you know standing behind the camera – so you can talk to a real person – try that in the practice part.
  • Don’t panic if you mess up a question or two – just like in a real interview, it may happen. Just take a moment to regroup before starting the recording again for the next question.

Want more help?

Talking only to a camera can seem intimidating or even impersonal at first. Some people are experienced at creating videos, such as for YouTube, but others have never presented on video.

We can help you with that. Here at Alpha Resumes, we run one-on-one interview preparation sessions and personal coaching to help you practice and gain confidence. In addition, we offer professional resume writing services that are sure to get you noticed.

Contact us for a free initial chat and to find out more about how we can help.

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