How to Write a Winning Resume

BLOG ARTICLE How to Write a Winning Resume

Writing a winning resume can be extremely daunting. It takes research, time, effort and repetitive practice before you even begin to master the formatting, structure and overall content.

Think about how your resume reads.

Are all the elements 100 percent necessary?

Is every sentence written with the sole focus of proving your worth?

Creating the perfect resume can be time consuming and tough for many people, but here at Alpha Resumes, we pride ourselves on guiding you to reach your untapped potential, and land your dream role.

Here are our top resume writing tips, and guidance on each element.


While the above five elements are pivotal in the success of writing your winning resume, you can choose to include either of these as well.

But make sure that if you choose to do so, they are there for a reason.


Writing a winning resume can be tough, but if your structure is right, and your focus lies largely on achievements and value, you’re on your way to finding success.

If you want more in depth advice on any of these elements, and on ways in which you can highlight your achievements and value, get in touch with us for a free phone discussion or resume review.

Meeting with a professional might just be the best thing you can do to land your dream job.


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